13x4 Transparent Pre-Plucked frontal

$160.00 $80.00

Our Frontals is 100% human hair cut directly from a donor. Even more impressive is the 150% density, natural color and swiss lace that is a medium brown. Another plus is that with proper use and care the Frontal can last up to 12 months or more. Above all, our lace frontal can be curled, straightened, crimped, or dyed.

Hair Care Instructions- Wash hair weekly in warm water. Use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that is paraben free, sulfate free and phosphate free. Gently massage moisturizing conditioner into hair shaft; make sure to distribute the conditioner evenly with a wide tooth comb from end to root. Rinse with warm water. Air dry the hair to create longevity opposed to using heating tools.Hair Care Tips- Use small portions of products on the hair. In the case heating tools are necessary, use a heat protectant. At night create a couple of loose braids and sleep with a satin hair bonnet or satin pillowcase. Never go to sleep with the hair wet, doing so will cause the hair to tangle.
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